Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moms Club Cake

I made this cake for our moms club year-end celebration. I asked our members to give me one word or image that reminds them of our group and then piped those images on the cake as decoration.

The cake is a double layer butter cake with colored buttercream. I used the crusting buttercream recipe which allowed me to smooth the cake surface with a papertowel. This is the first time I used this method successfully, and I'm pretty pleased. I don't like the taste and texture of fondant, so I would much rather opt for the buttercream. And with these results, I think I'll have to try more like this!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Race Track Cake

This cake is made with 2 9x13 sized chocolate cakes, with chocolate icing in the middle. The top is frosted with white icing (colored green for the "grass"). The "2" is piped in with chocolate icing, and then topped with sugar (colored black/gray) to simulate asphalt. The sides are a mix of graham crackers and chocolate covered raisins (rocks).

I printed the START and FINISH flags and glued them to toothpicks, and borrowed the rest of the props (car, cones, tires) from the kids toy box.

I had a lot of fun making this cake, and my favorite part of it was the "asphalt" because the sugar really gave it the appearance of a road.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Diego Cake

I made this cake this past winter for my nephew's birthday, and I'm just getting around to posting pictures.

The bottom is a 9x13 cake, and then I made two 10" rounds to carve out the waterfall. The first round sits right on back left corner of the bottom. The second round is cut into two pieces (one smaller than the other) to give the step appearance of the waterfall.

After icing, I borrowed heavily from my son's Diego and Lego toys to decorate (after washing very well). I used chocolate covered raisins for the path and rocks.

For the water, I colored white icing with blue food coloring, but didn't mix it perfectly on purpose to give the water some shadows and white water effect. To add to the white water effect, I sprinkled white nonpareils where the water would crash.