Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Race Track Cake

This cake is made with 2 9x13 sized chocolate cakes, with chocolate icing in the middle. The top is frosted with white icing (colored green for the "grass"). The "2" is piped in with chocolate icing, and then topped with sugar (colored black/gray) to simulate asphalt. The sides are a mix of graham crackers and chocolate covered raisins (rocks).

I printed the START and FINISH flags and glued them to toothpicks, and borrowed the rest of the props (car, cones, tires) from the kids toy box.

I had a lot of fun making this cake, and my favorite part of it was the "asphalt" because the sugar really gave it the appearance of a road.


Beth said...

I must have added your blog to my Google Reader awhile back for your recipes and such. You posted this at perfect time: my son's second birthday is this weekend, and I made him a cake (my first-ever shot at decorating) using your idea. Considering it was my first go at this decorating stuff, I thought it turned out cute ... not nearly as amazing as the original (love all your detail work; you've got a real talent!), but way better than the frosting-from-the-can I usually do!

Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Emily said...

Your photos remind me of the beautifully decorated (and fun!) cakes that my mom used to craft for our birthdays. You may have outdone her a bit, but I won't tell her that. Nice work! Enjoyed reading a bit of your blog.